Purposeful and Profitable 
NICHE Secrets
~ 4 Simple Steps to Transform Your Passion and Genius into 
an Abundant Niche Business!
Hello! Dear visionary entrepreneur friend, 
it's Spring Zheng here.

I started my passion-driven coaching business 10 years ago,
I wanted to help everyone to discover their purpose, passion and gifts, and do what they love to create a happy and successful life...

  After a few years of exploration and practice, I found that my marketing messages were not attracting enough clients, even though I was super passionate and providing great inspirations... 

That's painful, and unfulfilling! 
My passion, energy and self worth were severely challenged...  

And I need contribute money and values to my family as well, especially for my two little kids who are growing into teenagers with more desires and questions about life, dreams, personal growth, and their future... 

I desire to be a successful role model for them, that I could figure out how to turn my passion and dream into reality, 
instead of following the normal standards and ladders set up by the society that have created millions of suffering labors. 

I want to show my kids and my clients a way of abundance and freedom with personal dedication and smart business engagement...

I decided to learn how other successful mentors and masters are doing and practicing 
in the market, what are their secrets...

For my committed passion and coaching business, I started to invest 
five-figures and six-figures in my personal development and my business development, 
to learn from the best of best in the market, from coaching, mentoring, live events, mastermind programs, speaking..., to align my genius with my right offers and 
my right market...  

The best secrets I learned and practiced started to make breakthroughs in my business: 

I started to attract more right audience and clients, 
I started to charge high tickets with more confidence, 
I started to speak in public with resonating and powerful messages, 
I started to have renewing clients, again and again, 
I started to develop a thriving community with thousand of right members,
I've been feeling more aligned, joyful and fulfilling, engaging with 
my right audience every day...

All of these positive changes and results started because I discovered, defined and 
clarified my ideal niche that matches with my purpose, my genius, and my most loved market, and I started to own my niche and present in the marketplace with 
my powerful niche messages! 

I know that many entrepreneurs are still struggling with how to find out their ideal zone, 
best messages, and impactful presence...  

The lack of clarity of their niche has cost them losing great opportunities in the market, 
and suffering from little results and rewards to their big passion and giving. 

Over 90% startups fail every year because of their products and services not needed 
by the market, which is because they don't understand what is their right market and 
what is the best messages that their ideal clients would resonate and respond... 

I decided to put all the secrets and best practice I have learned through the years into
 a coaching program, to end the struggling of most entrepreneurs, to save them years of trials and errors, and help them discover their best niche and ideal clients, and design
the right messages to make the greatest impact and results! 

So here I'd present you this great program, your 
Purposeful and Profitable Niche Secrets!
Available in both quick start online course and live coaching program, based on 
the pace, budget and results you'd choose: 

“I Understand That Inside The ‘Purposeful and Profitable Niche Secrets’ 
Online Quick Start Course, I will Discover…”
 The "WING" 4 Modules...

 Module 1: Reveal Your Big “Why”
  1.1 Why Niche, and Why Niche on Purpose
  1.2 Introduce the 3-Key Niche Clarity Model
  1.3 Discover Your Life Purpose
  1.4 Make Your Ultimate Mission Statement

 Module 2: Unleash Your Unique “Identity”
  2.1 Discover WHO You Truly Are and Why You Are Special
  2.2 Uncover Your Passion, Dream, Vision and Core Values
  2.3 Reveal Your Unique Gifts and Talents
  2.4 Polish Your Best Credibility and Expertise
 Module 3: Discover Your Ideal Market “Nature”
  3.1 Who Do You Love to Help and Serve
  3.2 Your Dream Client Profile
  3.3 Where to Find Your Dream Clients
  3.4 What Are They Eagerly Looking For
 Module 4: Claim Your Niche “Greatness”
  4.1 Generate Your Big Idea and Solution
  4.2 Clarify Your Ideal Market and Benefits
  4.3 Match Your Ideal Market and Solution with Your Identity
  4.4 Claim Your Great Purposeful and Profitable Niche

This Quick Start Program Includes:
* "Purposeful and Profitable Niche Secrets" Online Course (Unlimited Member Access)
     - Value US$2000
* Done-for-you guidelines, worksheets, templates and exercises 
     - Value US$500
This Coaching Program Total Value: US$2,500
Today, for your Commitment to Passion and Greatest Niche, 
You deserve a Favorable Reward!
Your Investment Today Is A "STEAL":

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Want to Add Live Coaching Experience and Private Community Support?
Upgrade to Full Coaching Package to Get All These Amazing Benefits:
* The Above Online Quick Start Program (Unlimited Membership Access)
     - Value US$2500
+ 5 Weekly Live Coaching Sessions through Video Conferences (Recordings available)
     - Value US$1500
+ Exclusive Facebook Group "Abundant Niche Circle" Community Support
     - Value US$1500
Full Coaching Program Total Value: US$5,500
We take it as our Blessed Mission to help EVERY ONE we can touch on this planet who desires to live on their Purposeful Passion to Create a Lucrative Niche Business
So we made a Blessed Decision to REWARD those who would take quick inspired action and are fully committed to their purpose, passion and success; and also to make Others No Excuse:)
Best Offer for Inspired and Committed You: 

    Hear Other Entrepreneurs speaking about Spring's Niche Clarity Coaching: 
“I was able to get more clarity with different ideas I’ve been working on in my business. I’ve been at the creative space, my ideas were all over the place, which has been really fun. But I know I need to go from the kind of inspirational space to implementation space. Spring has been really brilliant helping me to see how to make that transition to actually start making these things happen, rather than just being an idea, to being reality. So I’d like to thank Spring for the great work she does in the value that she provides to people.”

~ Steve Garvin, Story and Visibility Strategist for Visionary Leaders and Entrepreneurs 
“I thoroughly enjoyed it and I was even blown away by Spring’s decoding efforts. It was just done in such a clever way. I could really see where I need more clarification. Spring’s approach is really amazing to me, because she knew exactly what to say. Her assessment and interpretation was absolutely spot on, that everything she used was exactly where I was with my niche at that moment. And the suggestions and actions to take…I can recommend Spring with an open heart. She knows exactly what she is doing and she knows how to clarify a niche to get your passion so that you can get your message right, and get yourself to that million dollar niche. It really aligns everything and serves your market in the best way that you can. Well done, Spring, I really enjoyed working with you!”

~ Dina Marais, Transformation Coach for Women Entrepreneurs, Author, Speaker
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Money Back Guarantee!
“We believe in our program and our customers proven results. That’s why we are happily offering 30 days money back guarantee. 
If you follow the guidance of the course and take your actions, but don’t get positive results through 'Purposeful and Profitable Niche Secrets' Course, we will provide you a free consultation to support and issue you a full refund.”
Claim Your Purposeful and Profitable Niche Since Today!
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What is the Real Cost if You do NOT claim your Purposeful and Profitable Niche Now?
What will be impacted in your life?
How much more time, money and energy would you waste on struggling with an unclear niche, and missing more great business opportunities? 

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