Are You Frustrated Of Being Far Behind Your Dreams? 
Desire To Transform Yourself And Succeed In Both Your Life And Business? 
Hungry To Create Momentum And Lead Your Movement To Impact More Lives?  

Check out this most special invitation for you!
For Visionary Entrepreneurs and Life Changers:

You are invited to this unique community and movement!
Embrace your Abundance in a new era!


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We are so humbled and honored to receive the "Successful Launch Award" from Dean Graziosi and his KBB community created with Tony Robbins!

Our Abundance U Inner Circle movement and successful launch is highlighted by Dean on his Live call to over 34K knowledge experts, and we are blessed by Dean and his team to develop our Abundance U to a world class impactful community!

What You Will Experience From The Abundance U Inner Circle:

 * One Year Membership of Abundance U Inner Circle with Coaching and Mentoring Support

 * 6-Step Blueprint for Abundant Visibility and Impact as a Confident Expert and Thought Leader

 * Daily "Unstoppable U" Abundance Wisdom and Inspiration 

 * Weekly "Empowered U" Actions to Make Things Happen

 * Weekly "Envisioned U" Live Coaching Calls to Clear Any Blocks  (From Monthly to Weekly, we love to over deliver great values for your best growth!:)

 * Mastermind Group "Momentum U" Support with Peer Visionary Entrepreneurs and Life Changers

 * Community "United U" Support with Networking and Movement

 * Annual Big Event "Abundance U" Inner Circle Celebration, Speaking, Workshops and Awards Ceremony!

 * The Abundant Force that Keeps You Growing and Uplifts You to New Levels Where You Desire to Go!

6-Step Blueprint to Make Your Abundant Visibility and Impact as a Confident Expert and Thought Leader!


> Success is an Iceberg. Build Success into Your Mindset and Reality
> Claim Your Greatest Niche Following Your Heart and Strength
> Define Your Clear Vision, Business Blueprint and 90-Day Road Map
> Optimize Your Core Solution to Solve Real Problems
> Meet Your Ideal Audience Where They Are Meant to Be


> Your Expert Title, Pitches, and Bio
> Your Expert Social Media Profiles
> Your Business Name, Intro and Website
> Your Social Media Business Fan Page


> Prepare Your Signature Messages, Stories and Movement
> Design Your Magic Poker Content: Visuals, Stories and Videos
> Use Abundant Expert Content Creator Effectively
> Make Your Consistent Expert Presence as an Inspiring Leader


> Write Your New Book or Enhance Your Existing Book
> Self Publish Your Book on Amazon
> Design and Run Your Campaigns to Make Your Book A Best Seller
> Create Your New Branding and Impact as a Best Selling Author 


> Generate Intriguing Ideas and Hot Topics on Your Expertise
> Create Your Signature Expert Theme Shows on Facebook and YouTube
> Master Abundant Expert Content Creator for Strategic and Attractive Topics
> Present Consistently to Your Signature Shows that Attract and Convert
> Leverage Prestigious Stages to Stand Out and Become An Award Winning Speaker  


> Choose a Great Group Name Matching your Niche and Brand
> Define Clear Group Purpose, Description, Rules and Themes
> Invite, Attract and Sustain Your Ideal Audience to Thrive the Community
> Put All Your Social Media Presence in a Powerful Alignment

Yes I Believe You Have A BIG WHY To Be Here.
How Could You Fulfill Your Life With Your Great Purpose, Mission, And Passion?
Eventually it’s not our dreams or fancy goals that make us great, it’s our everyday presence and values created for this world that make our life meaningful and great.
How do you make every day count and matter? To succeed you need have momentum and commitment to every day. Could you maintain great momentum and accountability every day only by yourself, throughout 365 days a year?

We all know, how much our mood, mindset and spirit could go up and down every day, and how much we could hold ourselves accountable and make satisfied results every day:). 

We need great coach and mentor, and we need a great community and movement to make it happen together, faster, easier, and with more fun. 

We are in 2020 and a new decade. 

How many of you have got your crystal clear vision and targets for this new year and new decade?

No matter where you are in your life and on what stage of your business, without a great system and community to hold you accountable, any goals and plans are destined to fail sooner or later, far before the end of the year!:)

How much are you confident about your current capabilities to fulfill your desires and reach your targets for this critical new decade?
Keep reading if you really want to stretch your vision and maximize your fulfillment, especially if you want to build your profitable and impactful online business as a confident expert and thought leader. 

If nothing changes, will you most possibly repeat another year with average results or even get disappointed with your performance and the gap to your full potential? 

Don't panic, we have a great news for you! And there is a great reason why you are attracted here. 

We have created the system and community and even a global movement for you to own your 2020 and future’s every day with full confidence!

It’s our Abundance U Inner Circle! 

Here for 365 days you will access abundant wisdom and empowerment every day and grow together with a circle of passionate and dedicated entrepreneurs and life changers, so that you could be kept at your best momentum and highest performance, and watch yourself becoming a more confident and influential expert and leader to impact many more lives!

The best news is, the Abundance U Inner Circle annual program with all its bonuses are valued over US$54,500, regular price is only US$25,000, but today you do not even need invest that amount! 

We have made a bold decision and declaration to serve more people worldwide with the Abundance U movement, today as the lucky one who are called and attracted to this movement, you are getting SPECIAL OFFERS!   

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You will enjoy a full year-long inner circle support: 6-step blueprint to build your profitable and impactful business as a confident expert and leader, daily abundance wisdom, inspiration, and momentum, weekly action and accountability for your targets, Live weekly coaching calls, mastermind group, and community support with other visionary entrepreneurs and life changers, to keep you growing and uplift you to new levels where you desire to go!

Important Notice:

This mission-based special offer to our Abundance U Inner Circle is only available for limited time and only for committed entrepreneurs and life changers, as we would keep the high quality of this community to benefit every member. 

After this special promotion period, it’ll be resumed to US$25,000 annual membership which is still a wonderful deal to you with all the great benefits and values.

The only difference is, the earlier you make the decision, the faster is your involvement in our program and commitment to yourself, and the greater is your transformation and results.

Enroll into the Abundance U Inner Circle now to get all the early bird benefits right away!

Own your 2020 and the new decade from now on, with full confidence in yourself and the future!

I can’t wait to welcome you in the Abundance U Inner Circle soon. It'll be an epic journey together!  

To Your Abundant Happiness and Success…

Love and blessings,

~ Spring Zheng
Spring Zheng
Abundance Thought Leadership Coach Spring Zheng, is a best selling author of Abundance Train, and an award-winning transformational speaker. 

Spring is called to work with visionary entrepreneurs and life changers like coaches, authors, speakers and consultants who are driven by their purposes and passions. She loves empowering them to step up and stand out as confident experts and thought leaders in their niche with their unique gifts, so that they can create abundant businesses and lifestyles, and also positively impact more lives.
As the Founder of Spring Magic Life Society, Inc., Spring leads and inspires a fast growing community of abundant entrepreneurs. Whether she is working one on one with clients or in intimate live or virtual groups, one thing is certain. She will help you uplift and clarify your vision, claim your purposeful and profitable niche, stand up with your magnetic expert presence, and build an abundant leadership with confidence that attract your ideal clients like magic. Spring is on a mission to help entrepreneurs turn their passion into prosperity and transform more lives by creating abundance for all worldwide.

Spring holds an Executive MBA from Rutgers University and Professional Coaching Certificate from New York University. She has more than 24 years professional experience including performance management with Fortune 100 company and 12 years of abundance coaching.
Imagine What Life Would Be Like If You Could Have The Success and Abundance that You Have Been Desiring?
You will own your personal mastery with abundance lifestyle and freedom every day,
You will discover your true calling, claim your purposeful and profitable niche with 100% clarity,
You will keep attracting your ideal audience and dream clients even during your sleep, 
You will be able to charge high tickets with confidence, 
You will own published books and be a best selling author,
You will be speaking in public with your signature messages that resonate and sell, 
You will have renewing clients, again and again, 
You will develop a thriving community with thousands of your ideal members,
You will be engaging with more of your dream clients, feeling more aligned, joyful and fulfilling every day
You could have all this without wasting time, money and energy any more!

When you are clear and confident about your genius zone, which is fully aligned with your purpose, passion and gifts, when you could attract continuous organic traffic and have more dream clients to serve,
How much easier your career and business will be,
How much happier you would be,
How much more fulfilling you will feel every day in life and work, and
How much more quality and joyful time you could spend with your loved ones
Now It is time to....
Start Your 
"Abundance U Inner Circle" Experience!
Enjoy a full year of Abundance U Inner Circle with:

 * One Year Membership of Abundance U Inner Circle with Coaching and Mentoring Support
Value - US$15,000

 * 6-Step Blueprint for Abundant Visibility and Impact as a Confident Expert and Thought Leader Value - $8,000

 * Daily "Unstoppable U" Abundance Wisdom and Inspiration
Value - $1,500

 * Weekly "Empowered U" Actions to Make Things Happen
Value - $3,000

 * Weekly "Envisioned U" Live Coaching Calls to Clear Any Blocks   (From Monthly to Weekly, we love over deliver great values!:)
Value - $11,000

 * Mastermind Group "Momentum U" Support with Peer Visionary Entrepreneurs and Life Changers
Value - $6,000

 * Community "United U" Support with Networking and Movement
Value - $3,000

 * Annual Big Event "Abundance U" Inner Circle Celebration, Speaking, Workshops and Awards Ceremony!
Value - $2,000

 * The Abundant Force that Keeps You Growing and Uplifts You to New Levels Where You Desire to Go!
Value - Priceless!

Total Program Value: Over US$49,500!

Super Cool Bonuses for Fast Action Taker!
Your Purposeful and Profitable Niche Secrets Online Course Full Access
Value - $2,000

You Will Gain the "WING"s: 
* Reveal Your Big “Why” 
* Unleash Your Unique “Identity”
* Discover Your Ideal Market “Nature”
* Claim Your Niche “Greatness”
One Movement Away 5-Day Challenge Full Training Access, plus All the Behind-the-Scene Funnels, Emails and Marketing Campaign Materials
Value - $2,000

You Will Learn To: 
* Discover Your Lasting Motivation 
* Clarify Your Core Message
* Align Your System
* Launch Your Movement
* Super Empowered to Lead
Spring's One-on-One Abundance Breakthrough Coaching Session
Value - $1,000

You Will Discover: 
* Your personal growth blocks and blind spots
* Your business niche and potential assessment
* Where to improve to increase your success
* Strategies and actions on how to claim your unique strength to attract more clients, make bigger impact and fulfill a greater vision
Total Annual Program and Bonuses VALUE: Over US$54,500

Regular Price = US$25,000

** VIP Founding Member Special Offer! **

Only US$1997 for a Whole Year Abundance Coaching! 


US$5997 for Life Time PREMIUM Membership!

As a VIP Founding Member, you can:
* Maintain the lowest membership rate,
* Get unlimited access to released program content,
* And get all future updates for FREE!

this is a Special Offer as We want to serve Fully Committed Visionary Entrepreneurs and Tomorrow Thought Leaders Worldwide with 
the Abundance U Movement
limited time offer!
Money Back Guarantee!
“We believe in our program and our customers proven results. That’s why we are happily offering 30 days money back guarantee.If you follow the guidance of the program and take your actions, but don’t get positive results through 'Abundance U Inner Circle', we will provide you a free consultation to further support you and issue you a full refund.”

No Matter At What Stage You Are in Life and Business, You Will Find Great Help in the Abundance U Inner Circle:

"She gave me sparkling clarity on who it is I help. She gave me great messaging in order to connect with them. She is really a master at determining the powerful language from the less powerful language. That's really amazing to me!"
Happiness Works Coach and Master, Author, Speaker
Stephen Whiteley
"I thoroughly enjoyed it and I was even blown away by Spring’s decoding efforts. Her assessment and interpretation was absolutely spot on. She knows how to clarify a niche to get your passion so that you can get your message right, and get yourself to that million dollar niche. It really aligns everything and serves your market in the best way that you can. "
Transformation Coach for Women Entrepreneurs, Author and Speaker
Dina Marais
"I was able to get more clarity with different ideas I’ve been working on in my business. I need to go from the kind of inspirational space to implementation space. Spring has been really brilliant helping me to see how to make that transition to actually start making these things happen, rather than just being an idea, to being reality. Thank Spring for the great work she does in the value that she provides to people."
Story Strategist for Visionary Leaders
Steve Garvin
"I know exactly what my gift is. But I've never been clear who my market is and who my ideal audience is. It's been hurting my marketing because I can't market it if I'm not clear where I'm going and who I'm going after. So I'm looking forward to going through Spring's program and getting really clear on exactly who it is!"
Corporate Trainer, Organizing Expert & Professional Speaker
Eilleen Roth 
"It's a clarity for me to hear where I need to work more deeply, go deeper into my topic and also learn how to connect better with my client base. I'm so grateful! The Aha moments I've gotten, the clarity, and discovering where my niche needs to be and I need be in better alignment. Really appreciate it!"
The Hot Money Relationship Coach
Connie Sands
"I understand that if I skip this opportunity here, I'll lose this fabulous offer that can help me Bravely Create My Abundance in Both of My Life and Business!"
Are You 100% Committed to Yourself?
Think Twice!

What is the Real Cost if You do NOT get into the Abundance U Inner Circle Now?

What will be impacted in your life?

How much more time, money and energy would you waste on struggling by yourself, and missing more great opportunities?

Join The Abundance U Inner Circle today!

Please remember, you're just one decision away to your abundant life and business as a confident expert and thought leader in your unique genius niche...

 ~ Spring Zheng

Shout Out from Our New Star Members of Abundance U Inner Circle:

Paco Gaur, 
Top Chinese Mastery and Speaking Expert, from Munich Germany

Your Breakthroughs and Highlights to Be Here Soon!!

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