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""I am so grateful for this book! Spring Zheng's courage to share her incredible story about one of the most difficult points in her life and how it set her on a path of Abundance is truly inspiring. This book is filled with powerful content that helps the reader to understand what is required to live our purpose in a profitable way. The stories she tells help to illustrate the principles that help to set us free to create the truly abundant life that is waiting for us." 
Connie Benjamin
"I am blown away by your story. I'm really enjoying reading the book and discovering more about you and where you came from. It is encouraging. This is simply incredible and a real testament to your perseverance. Congrats! I love exposing people to the opportunity to work with you and benefit as I have. You're incredible human being!"
Eric Lyons
"Spring's story is so so powerful! I've never heard a story as powerful as hers. Her speech is, oh my Gosh, I'm going to remember her speech for the rest of my life. She is a great transformational speaker. In all the speakers I've heard of at Harvard, I rank her number 1. She is helping so many people. She can help you be transformed in your life!"
Dave Nassaney
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Your life is fleeting, instead of wasting it, Turn It into An Abundance Train!
Have you just started a new life adventure and cannot wait for the next chapter? Or do you feel that you have tried everything for years but are still staying where you are? No matter which stage you are in your life, career and business, this book will bring you a new start, and to a new height.  

The Abundance Train book starts with a story about how a life disaster event related to a train turned into the defining moment of a magical life, the resurrection of a new conscious life, and the start of abundance.

Your genuine and transformative life story is the meaning and the purpose of your life. It points out where you are going, and what you will fulfill. And it becomes the fruit of your life that makes it worth living, worth sharing, and worth being remembered.

But this is not just a story book. It is a book for enlightenment and empowerment. It is aimed to lift up visionary entrepreneurs and life changers, who are meant to impact, change and transform many more lives. Spring Zheng takes you through the top emotional and mindset blocks and breakthroughs, then the 7-step Abundance Code system to create your abundant life, business and impact.

It is designed to create a ripple effect, to call up and equip those experts and thought leaders, to free their emotions and minds, to empower them to confidently step up and stand out in their ideal niche with their unique gifts, and to help them do what they love strategically. In this way, their messages can reach more of their ideal audiences, their voices can be heard by more dream clients, and their lives and businesses will become more successful and fulfilling.

Be prepared, because you will positively impact the world with more energy and power, and together we can accomplish the greatest mission for the abundance of all.

meet the Master and Soul behind the book
Spring Zheng
Abundance and Thought Leadership Coach Spring Zheng is a #1 Amazon best-selling author of "Abundance Train" and award-winning speaker. She is called to empower visionary entrepreneurs to unleash their purpose and passion, and stand out as confident experts and leaders with their unique gifts. Spring is on a mission to help entrepreneurs turn their passions into prosperity, and create abundance worldwide.
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